‘Orangina’ Loves the furries!

All of a sudden, I can see the attraction of Luskwood…I’ve never had anything against Furries, but I never really ‘got’ it. It always infuriated me how nasty some people were about them, so what if someone wants to be a Wolf/Tiger/Cat etc, does it matter? Not at all, and when you see this ad you can kind of understand where Furrydom is coming from. So how amazing is this commercial? It’s imaginative, beautifully rendered and a tad rude. *FAB* Incidentally, this is the French version which is racier than the ad you’ll see on British screens.  I think it’s superb.. If you’re a Furry-what do you think?

2 thoughts on “‘Orangina’ Loves the furries!”

  1. I’d heard about this from a friend of mine who lives in Holland now and is funnily enough a furry in SL… She loves it.

    I think it’s a little wierd. I don’t think furries are wierd, some of my best friends in SL are furries… I just think that ad is ‘out there’.


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