What’s the most annoying thing at wedding receptions?

Apart from brides in fancy meringue dresses and drunken uncles trying to do ‘The Moonwalk’ and failing miserably, and ending up in Casualty in the process?
Yes, that’s right folks..it’s kids running around the dance-floor pretending to be aeroplanes and making you spill your Mojito….grrrr

Once you’ve finished shoeing them to within an inch of their lives* you may be relieved to know you can now recreate that experience in Second Life as well! (Playing aeroplanes that is, not the shoeing) Well, not exactly..but this pose, from a series called ‘Balance’, is perfect should you wish to photograph yourself participating in such madness. The pose is from a chap called Idoru Cyberstar ( LOVE the name) aka ‘The Posemaster’ and he’s just released a series of excellent poses for your delectation. The sets are called ‘Balance’, ‘Protect and ‘Sentry’ and individual poses are L$40 each. I think the poses are perfect for storytelling (if you go and take a peek you’ll see what I mean) because they have a narrative quality to them that makes them different to your standard SL modelling pose.I don’t think I’m surprising anyone by stating that the Japanese designers are some of the most creative on the grid..it’s eclectic creativity at it’s best and never ceases to amaze, and ‘The Posemaster‘ seemingly carries on this tradition for a touch of the avant garde (I wonder what the Japanese equivalent for that phrase is?)  To round off the Japanese theme I’m wearing a freebie favourite of mine from Honey. I acquired this off XstreetSL a long time ago, BUT I didn’t realise that there was a store on the grid until today. I took a peek and was pleasantly surprised – great value dresses and tops with the same stylish flair, as well as some utterly random gubbins that only Japanese designers could come up with. The prices are great; for example there are some gorgeous dresses for a mere L$50 and the prices are pretty consistent throughout. There’s also some menswear in the shape of jackets and vest tops..not as great a selection but quality nontheless.

There you go then, that’s my contribution to international relations for the day! Right then..where’s that Mojito?
*Please note, Kitty does not in anyway condone violence, especially to children. Although sometimes a flick on the ear may be appropriate.

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