Gothic Kitty Valentine@ ‘I <3 Originals'

Gothic Kitty Valentine@ ‘I <3 Originals'

It’s the “I ❤ Originals” fair at the moment, and I’m sure if you’ve read the feeds you’ll be sick of hearing and seeing about it by now..BUT the reason it’s getting such a vast amount of press is because, quite frankly, it’s bloody good.
Whenever I attend a fair or event I always feel you can predict whether it’s going to be a goody as soon as you rez there..if the build itself is quality, in my mind, I know it’s going to be great. Throwing together a couple of generic stores and hoping for the best just doesn’t cut the mustard with me, but if I rez there and feel excited by the environment, then I’m sure as hell going to be excited about shopping there!
Not only does it look great, it features an easy to follow layout and LOTS to tempt your pocket-book with. There are names you will recognise, and names that you won’t, and every store features fabulous original content and design. Incidentally, this fair isn’t just about fashion; it’s about original content in any form, which means you’ll see some stunning furniture, find some cracking reading material from Mike Stackpole, bewitching jewellery, fabulous outfits and a few stores have original artworks on display, some of these are real investment pieces! Your only problem here will be the lag. My best tip is to lower your ARC and visit first thing in the morning if you’re a UK based avvie like me. By that I mean get up at 7am, grab a brew and sit at your PC. Ok you may be bleary eyed but your experience will be a ton better, as our chums across the pond are all sleeping soundly in their beds, and it’s worth making the effort on this one, trust me.
Look out for the letters and freebies that are dotted around the stores too, there’s a mini-hunt going on and you need to collect the letters
(which will spell out a phrase) but each letter has prizes inside too, so get busy hunting for those! It’s hard to pick favourites because each store here is well worthy of a visit and your support. I do of course have a number of recommendations. ‘Cad and Tart’jewellery just continues to amaze me with the design quality, I love the male jewellery that I’m so going to be dragging Jez along to see ( If you’re a fella and have been after an ankh necklace for an age, the best one on the grid is on sale here) As you know I’m not a gown person, but the gowns at ‘L’Abel and Ivalde’ and also at ‘Tres Beau’ are just outrageously good, perfect for your romantic Feb 14th celebrations! ‘Jessentials’ has created some cracking cottage furnishings, and if you have L$500 to spare and like art, then take a hike over to ‘Dacob Paine’s store and invest in some original work to hang in your home. ‘Dark Mouse’ and ‘Bailers Outfitters’ both have Valentine jewellery for sale to compliment your outfit.
The fashion store that really stood out for me though was ‘Glam Affair’, a label I’m not familar with at all but this ensemble that I’m wearing is their gift and I’m completely loving’s sooo not my usual kind of clothing choice, for starters you can’t see my norks, but I love the lacy embellishments upon the sleves and the leggings and find the completely covered up styling so sexy!
Finally, see the skin I’m wearing? This is a new release at the fair, from Airedine Poe of ‘Adore & Abhor’. It’s hard to believe that these highly stylised skins are her first, because they are perfectly presented. Lily Milk in ‘Love Me’ and ‘Romantic’ both arrive with a cleavage option too (perfect in uber tight Gothic corset) and cost a very reasonable L$350…a quality bargain purchase, make no mistake. So, what are you waiting for? You can’t afford to miss this one; check out The Artist’s Voice blog for the complete store listing, and also for the timings of the events that are going to be taking place at the fair, including a live reading from Mr Stackpole himself which I am desperate to attend as I have a bit of a Kitty-crush on him…ahem.

Oh, and a final note..stock up on your Lindens on your way in. ALL of these exhibitors are worthy of a purchase or two, so come along and show your support for original designer content in Second Life.


(NOTE: I’ve added some glove nails from Candi Nail, ring from Callie Cline and hair by Magika to complete this look. I’m also wearing my very soon to be released Valentine 2010 shape. None of these are featured in the fair)

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