Who Lives In A House Like This?

ME! This is my wee Witchy house, ‘Kittywitch Korner’, at Wyvern. Out of all the themes and options on offer, I opted for this lovely home called ‘Abbots Haven’. I must admit it was very difficult to choose the style of home I wanted as my residence, but after checking out all the options I decided to go for something a little less elaborate..there are some VERY elaborate styles to be found here. Alas, the prim allocation is only 117 prims to furnish, hence I’ve done bugger all to the outside to make it look unique, saving all my prims for indoors, but I’d like to share with you over the next few posts what I have done to the interior..

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Kitty O'Toole-SL resident and blogger. Absolute nuisance but mostly harmless! http://www.kittywitchin.com

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