Kittycats Beta ends..cats released this week?

Kittycats Beta ends..cats released this week?

Well, rumour has it that the Kittycats will be released this week, and I do hope that they receive a fantastic reception because they are pretty darn awesome.

I’ve spoken before about the novel animations and coats textures but take a look at this snapshot-believe it or not, features what happens to the kittens when they get sick! I KNOW!! It’s too cute isn’t it?? This doesn’t make me want to rush out and buy kits to fix them, it makes me want to leave them snuggled up under their blankies! The only way this could have been any cuter is if they had wee thermometers sticking out of their chops. More news on Kittycats impending release when I get it.

It’s been a busy week breedable wise mind; Ozimals have released an update that has significantly change the appearance of the bunnies, adding new improved higher res textures and preparing them for potential Valentine Day elite creation. They’ve clearly put a load of work into this release, with a new trait available as well as the option to opt-out of the Elite creation process, amongst other things.


I popped over to my mate Vere’s place to take a looksy, and her bunnies all looked rather resplendent with tons of new coat and eye options on display. It really feels like Ozimals are back on track, and I hope that’s the case.

The bunnies are still an amazing breedable pet to own, and these recent changes seem to make them even more desirable. There is still an ardent bunny-loving community in world, and after the epic crash and controversy of last year I can honestly see a time when things level out for them. 2011 is of course ‘The Year Of The Rabbit’, so let’s see how it plays out for Ozimals. I do hope it goes well.

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