Must Visit! Avatars For Animals presents ‘The Catnip Carnival’



The ever-amazing Harlow Heslop is bringing a fantastic charity event to the grid under the banner ‘Avatars For Animals’ .

Harlow is passionate about animal welfare, and has decided that  it would be a good idea to raise funds in-world for small and very often underfunded shelters and welfare groups.  I couldn’t agree more, and I’m especially excited about the first event, ‘The Catnip Carnival’, which will begin tomorrow. (Location has yet to be disclosed, will update when I know more!) 

‘The Catnip Carnival’ will feature some FANTASTIC designers (are you ready for this?!)  Alouette, Adorkable Poses, Cae, Cheeky Pea,, Gos Boutique, Izzie’s, Peqe, Pixel Mode and Truth, and will run from May 18th -May 26th

This event will raise funds for a no-kill shelter in Louisiana, USA, called ‘River Cities Humane Society For Cats‘.  You can read all about Harlow’s reasons for selecting this worthy cause by visiting her wonderful blog

I’m sure by now you know that I am obsessed with all things feline, so this event instantly appeals to me.  The quality of the content creators who will be participating as well as the cause for which the monies are being raised make this an absolute must-see. I’m not spending any Lindens until I’ve visited this event as I have a feeling I will be well and truly wiped out by it! 

I really hope you are excited about this as much as I am too. I can’t wait to see what goodies are on offer, especially since I’ve had a sneaky-peeky at the contribution from Gos Boutique…


I know right?!! SQUEEEEEEE!!!!!

As soon as I have the location details I’ll update the blog for you guys, and I look forward to seeing you there!

Fifty Linden Friday is BACK!

…from the mists of time! Yes, that’s right readers, one of the most popular and quintessential Second Life events ever has returned to grace the grid.

Yup, I’m talking about Fifty Linden Friday and it’s back with a bang, crash and wallop even bigger and better than before:)

(Happy sigh) It’s as though it never went away, and it was a real joy to see that the crowds were out in force earlier as I toured the vendors for all fifteen  participants.  I’m delighted to say that the quality of the goods hasn’t diminished one jot.

This time around you’re looking at items from:

Fri.Day 􀀋
Meshworx 􀀍
Pig 􀀁
Wasabi Pills 􀀈
Funky Junk 􀀀
One Bad Pixel 􀀆
Adore & Abhor 􀀊
Glitterati 􀀇
Schadenfreude 􀀃
Glow Studio 􀀉
Cheeky Pea 􀀏
Ingenue 􀀅
Surf Co 􀀄

And there are some absolute must have purchases too. The lamp and frame from Meshworks,  the mesh boots from Deco, the totally gorgeous bob that I’m wearing in both pictures from Wasabi Pills and the make-up from Adore & Abhor all made my list.  (I’m wearing the eyeliner in this shot, looks great doesn’t it?) I also treated myself to the plum babytux lingerie from One Bad Pixel, but an absolute MUST BUY this week has to be Glitterati’s amazing photo prop, featuring 5 poses which come to life when you add shadows. Astonishing, and it  meant I could make this amazing wee picture below:

A Hunting We Will Go…..(after a kip, natch)

I’m completely bloody knackered, as the photo accompanying this blog post portrays so adequately. For the past few hours I’ve been in a hunt frenzy, and there are not one, but two rather good hunts on the grid at the moment and if you are unlucky enough to miss them I promise you will kick yourself in the head rather a lot. (Note, there are probably a few more hunts going on at the moment, but these are the best ones in my opinion. That and the fact that the wonderful ‘The Rumor’ has blogged at least one of them which makes my life a lot easier! I hope they blog the other one…)

First up is ‘The Season’s Hunt- Winter’, and you have until January 29th to visit all participating stores and find the Snowmen hidden in or around each one. Guys I cannot tell you how fabulous this hunt is, so you’ll just have to see for yourself. It’s not very often you get a hunt that features quality from every participating brand and I don’t mean that in a nasty way, but let’s be honest here, some hunts are better than others and often times you wonder why people have bothered to contribute at all. A hunt after all is primarily about increasing your customer base, so with that in mind the freebie you give away should be the best quality that you can afford to give away. As we all know, not every hunt applies that logic, and as a result some hunts turn into a lesson in how not to market your store in Second Life, and serve only to put potential customers off your products for life.

But not this one. This is as solid as they come, and it covers all bases. We’re talking skyboxes, furniture, animations, men’s and women’s clothing and the rest, from uber-names like Split Pea, Theosophy, and the list goes on. See what I mean about quality designers? ALL the best ones are here, and more besides. I’ve not found every item yet but I recommend you drop on over to The Rumor blog  where they have a handy visual guide to the items available. (The Rumor is a fantastic blog; and this feature is dead useful enabling you to prioritise your hunting and weed out the ‘must haves’ from the ‘meh’ (Not that there’s really any of that kind of thing here!))

So far my fave items HAVE to be the sofa from Lisp, The Magic Nook sleeping basket (as featured in this photo-truly fabulous fun!),  the outstanding skyboxes from  Concrete Flowers and Molto Bene, AND True Love Never Dies as well as  the amazing Awesome Blossom chair, Elikatira‘s fantastic hair offering and the Art Dummy bench. In fact, while I’ve been hunting I’ve been making a list of stores that I shall be beating a retreat back to once I have some virtual spends, and this is why hunts can be good publicity if they’re done correctly. Not only have I rediscovered stores that I love and should visit more often ( Example: Concrete Flowers, I f*cking love that store!) but I’ve also seen loads of new items and visited stores that have had a revamp since I was last there. Lisp is a prime example, I haven’t been to the mainstore in a bloody age and it literally blew me away when I saw the quality and variety of goods when I was doing my hunt thing!

In fact, it’s almost scary to think how many stores there are in Second Life. At the moment I’m making a list of the best ( in my opinion) furniture stores, and so far I have twenty five on that list and it isn’t anywhere near finished yet, but each one is a ruddy corker. I’ll probably publish that list at some point but don’t hold your breath, it won’t be staying at twenty five stores!

Anyways, you have been told what you need to do, so now go away and do it, ok?  I’ll post about the other most worthy hunt on the grid tomorrow. Until then I’m gonna have a kip in my basket. Good luck and happy hunting!

Taking the weight off…

Mondays are such decidely ‘meh’ days don’t you think? I don’t know anyone who looks forward to them, and to be fair if I ever met someone who did I’d eye them with a serious amount of suspicion, for they would evidently be buffoons of the highest order. So, because it’s a ‘meh’ day I wanted something simple and straightforward to throw on whilst I updated my bunnies..oh yes, the joy of bunny updating. Bring it on…

Fortunately my Mondayitis was alleviated by Well, it would be wouldn’t it? But in this case I actually mean Fri.Day the store, because they’ve released some rather snazzy cami-combos and tees onto the grid this morning and they’re just all kinds of lush.
The tanks are called ‘Two-fer’ and feature a main tank body with a contrasting cami-peeking out from underneath. The colour choices and the texturing are fabulous and the pattern detailing on the under-vest especially excellent considering it’s embellishing something that is just peeking out and can only just be seen. Granted, this kind of top is undeniably simple to wear, but I love it when people make straightforward Second Life fashion items into something extra special just by taking the time to employ the right textures and elements. They’ve also released a range of cinematic tees featuring classic movie images. I’m not featuring them here but there’s a rather wonderful selection featuring a vast array of classic cinema stars. If you’re a friend of Dorothy’s then you may need to pop along and pick up the ‘Wizard Of Oz’ tee. I got myself the ‘Plan 9 From Outer Space’ tee because it would have been totally wrong not to!

To complete the look I’m wearing my much beloved Tegryn summer scarf from Theosophy. I’m obsessed with these scarves after I won one in a gatcha, and Trace, the designer, must be blinking fed up of me pestering about them of joys the gatcha is now situated in the Theosophy main store and for L$35 a pop you can get yourself one too. They are transfer if you get a few of the same, but they are ruddy fabulous and I can’t stop wearing them at the moment, they go with everything, so the gatcha is well worth a pop.