Ready To Wear…

Ready to wear_003What do you like to do on a Sunday?  I like to mooch about a bit, something that you can do incredibly well in Second Life. So mooching is exactly what I’ve been doing..mooching about in my apartment, bemoaning that I have *nothing* to wear (much to Jez’s disgust) which is clearly not true because I hit SHINY SHABBY with gusto yesterday and found some absolutely lovely stuff!First of all,  check out my underwear. Isn’t it pretty? It’s by the always-awesome DEAD DOLLZ and it’s called called ‘Gwen’ and is available in five colour options. Unusually for me (as I normally go straight for red) I opted for the plain white version.  It’s so darn pretty! This little lace combination looks butter wouldn’t melt but don’t be fooled; there are cutaway pieces for easy access to the, erm,  important bits.  I think it’s absolutely mind-blowing; it ticks all my boxes for being something absolutely beautiful to wear and textured to perfection, yet it has just enough of an edge to make it incredibly naughty too. The ribbon detail at the back over your bum  is just to die for. It’s so simple yet so effective and enticing and for most of the morning I’ve just been looking admiringly at myself in this and thinking, oh yes. YES. I’m sure when Jez has stopped being cross with me he’ll feel the same way..waiting_001..or perhaps not. He’s such a grump! Actually, he really should stop being cross with me because courtesy of Ria Bazar I’ve FINALLY got organised! Well, OK, there are still some clothes strewn across the floor but not many because LOOK! I finally have the built-in wardrobes that I’ve always longed for..HUZZAHHH!In all seriousness, I’ve long coveted a closet. My current residence of choice doesn’t allow for a big walk-in wardrobe, so BAZAR‘s latest release for the RFL HOME & GARDEN FAIR 2016 , the ‘Glam Closet’, is just what I need; being both modular and versatile. Each piece can be arranged how you see fit with male and female design options available. To reflect the fact that I live with Jez I opted to mix elements of both the male and female sets into my build, so there are my bags and shoes on display, along with his suits and ties. If you have more space to play with you can really go to town with this set; Ria has thoughtfully included corner pieces to allow for perfect fitting around your space and there are blank versions of the units so all those little pieces you collect from Gachas that would look perfect in this kind of setting can finally find a home! (If you look towards the far right of the pic above you’ll see a collection of some of my gacha make-up winnings..huzzah for organisation!)bazar_001
The pic above was taken at RFL so you can see a bit more of the available options. Some of the  hanging clothing items that you can see above have been recoloured to suit personal taste, and the actual build is available in a white or textured wood finish. I’ve opted for white because it fits perfectly into the overall ambiance of my apartment and I like the way that the colours of the bags and shoes pop against the white background. There are a couple of additional elements available too; a large ottoman that I’m lounging on in the snap above, featuring male, female and couple poses that really adds a luxurious polish to any dressing room. It’s colour change too; there’s a velvet beige (seen above) blue leather (uber masculine that one!) and a warm, brown leather (my personal preference, see pic #2). You can also decorate your space with a female jewellery box and a male watch collection that really make a statement as well.jewellery_001Last but not least a shout out to this glorious style from ENTWINED @ Shiny Shabby called ‘Alexis’.  I’ve opted for the light browns selection and I love the cut. Bobs make me a very happy kitty indeed and I think this one looks puurrffeeecccttt! Incidentally, it’s Shiny Shabby’s  birthday so there are absolutely TONS of freebies up for grabs as well as exemplary shopping. Of course, that makes it an absolute nightmare to get into, but I’ve managed a quick hit and I found these fantastic ‘Boyfriend Jeans’ from COCO which I teamed with a free bag by  N-UNO  and also a tribal necklace  from YASUM to complete a look that’s perfect for Sunday shopping. Which it seems I’ll be doing on my own because the boyfriend got fed up of waiting…jewellery_002

Anyway, TL;DR version, go to RFL and buy these amazing ‘Glam Closets’ for yourself, and then once you’ve done that try and get into Shiny Shabby to buy this lovely lingerie and hair and pick up all the presents (so that you can take up all the room in your new closets with them!)


Wicked Wednesdays: Calling all Shiny Shabby Mesh Body Addicts!


You know what I hate? Going out of my comfort zone. I’m a Kitty of singular yet simple tastes; I like to do things at my own pace without interference or annoyance. So, the idea of going away in RL (even if it’s just for one night) kinda fills me with dread. Especially when I’m going to be hundreds of miles from my own bed..URGH. I don’t sleep well in hotels, and although I’m lucky that I don’t have to travel in real life much with my job the fact is that as you’re reading this I’m going to be a long way from home, and I won’t be enjoying it that much.  So I don’t miss out on my blogging commitments though, I’ve set this post to pop up and entertain you while I’m sat with my colleagues in a room far, far away and counting down the minutes until I can start the long journey back home…

SO let’s forget about all that and concentrate on the spiffing emsemble that I’m leaving behind! This is the ‘Erika’ lingerie from JUST BECAUSE for MESH BODY ADDICTS, and it is simply glorious.  There is NOTHING that I do not like about this lingerie item.  I’m wearing my Maitreya body so of course I’m sporting the Maitreya fit, and it’s as perfect as you would expect. ‘Erika’ has lots to offer; for a start there’s great ribbon detail and contrast piping, and she looks really  authentic, with creasing and shading details across the body that contributes to the realistic feel. The cups are nice; they’re built like a full cup, yet part of them is exposed which makes for an eye-catching detail, but it doesn’t feel cheap or nasty, if you get my drift. This is underwear with class;  a ribbon sits delicately between the breasts and at the back there is clasp detailing on the straps at back that serves absolutely no purpose yet makes this utem look as though.  It’s available in an absolute cacophony of colours, but I’m especially partial to this muted plum colour.


To complement my look and take it up another level I’m wearing a pair of cracking boots from ILLI.  They’re called ‘Doutzen’ and they’re a chunky soled number, with a thin high-heel at the back. The boots have great texture to them; zooming in was fun to spot stitching and leather effects that are extremely well applied, as is the zip to the rear.  These look VERY good indeed close-up, something that always pleases me in Second Life. Of course the big selling point to these boots is the cut-out pattern; I’ll be honest in that I tend to prefer solid footwear but you know what? I really like these. They’ve been worked at, and you can tell; these haven’t been cobbled together quickly and sloppily, they fit well and I think they look really interesting too.  These ‘Doutzen’ boots, like the ‘Erika’ lingerie are available at MESH BODY ADDICTS which opens on the 20th and you really cannot miss this event if you like your mesh appendages to look their very best! (I’m only away for one night so will be back to feature LOTS more on this amazing event, and I can’t wait to share my finds with you!)

To finish is a hairstyle that I discovered at the Blogger preview of this month’s SHINY SHABBY event.  It’s going to be another corker of course, and I know you’ll enjoy it, but when I visited quite a few vendors had yet to set up.  Fortunately PEPE HAIR were already there and I’m so glad that they were because I fell in love with this ‘Bridget’ style immediately.  It’s a simple double ponytail: nothing too fancy at all but it’s one of those styles that just works, you know? I think it’s going to prove a very versatile addition to my virtual hairstyle collection too, and I’ll get a lot of wear out of this because there are six different ‘Dark Brunette’ shades in the pack.

Last but not least, still wearing and loving ‘Becca’ from ZOUL CREATIONS. This time I’ve plumped for the Smoky Brown eyeshadow and nude lip.  I’ve kept jewellery to a minimum as well, just this dinky wee septum piercing from the ever-amazing MONS to finish off my look that I hope you enjoy as much as I do! (And I do, believe me.  As I write this blogpost I’m dancing around in my skybox with nothing but a bunch of virtual kittens for company-this is the life eh?)

Kitty Wears:

BODY: Maitreya ‘Lara’ V3.4

HAIRBASE: Gaja x Celebribase – Fran (Tintable)

SKIN: Zoul Creations ‘Becca’ SK1  Dk Brows chB ( Smoky Brown 02 eyeshadow, Nude 2 lip)

EYES: IKON  Ardent Eyes – Pewter (ML)

LASHES: Hush ‘Flirt’

EARS: Mandala ‘Steking’ Series 5 (you can’t see them; trust me they’re there!)

LINGERIE: Just Because ‘Erika’ Lingerie MESH BODY ADDICTS EVENT *

HAIRSTYLE: Pepe Hair ‘Bridget’ Dark Brunettes (worn with hair band in black) SHINY SHABBY *


*At the time of writing this blog entry Shiny Shabby and Mesh Body Addicts events hadn’t opened so I couldn’t publish the LM’s, sorry! Please check on their respective blogs, which I have provided links for. Sorry for inconvenience caused!

Witchy Wednesday: IDK Neckwear Special

I dunno, you wait around for a blog-post and then you get three in one week? What is the world coming to? <Chuckle> Well, I thought I’d post a very quick ‘Witchy Wednesday’ for you as I haven’t featured one on the blog at all for quite a while now.  Both the items that I’m featuring are necklaces that come with tattoo-style chokers.  They’re both available at the IDK event, and the theme for latest round of is the 1990’s, hence the plethora of choker-style neckwear because you can’t get much more 1990’s than a choker, right?Witchy WednesdayFirst up is the ‘Louise’ choker by DAZED, featuring a pentacle design.  Other symbols are available but this is Witchy Wednesday so is of course the most appropriate choice from the available selection. What I like about this is that you’re not just buying one pentacle, you’re effectively getting four because of the metal change hud that includes, Gold, Silver, Bronze and Black metal options.  It’s simple and effective and just the ticket at a very reasonable L$145.

Witchy Wednesday 2Next we have the ‘See My Neck’ set from TABOU IRISISTIBLE. I really like the fact that you can combine or wear seperately all the necklaces in this package.  You get three necklaces in each pack; the first is the mesh choker, the second has an off-centre eye design and the third is a crystal drop.  There are 4 metal colours available (each of them are sold seperately) but there’s a HUD that enables you to change the colour of your crystal (choose from blue, a deep pink and a yellow tone). This is a great little set and I think I’ll be wearing the necklace featuring the off-centre eye motif quite a look because it’s pretty and quirky, and it costs L$230. Here’s your taxi to IDK! Enjoy! 
(Oh, before I go, a few words about my look that I’m rocking in this post because I think I’m looking pretty hot if I do say so myself! The hair that I’m wearing is a group gift from TRUTH and comes complete with an ‘Essentials’ hair-colour HUD. Truth Hawks  isn’t a frequent gift-giver but when he does they’re pretty special, and I think this style is an absolute belter. It’s a tousled, mid length style that can be worn a number of ways but it screams for summer clothes and beachwear.  My eyes are unusual too; they’re a rare item from THE EPIPHANY, which is the latest Gacha event to hit the grid.  It’s a nice event too, although the majority of items were a little too fantasy orientated for my tastes. It looks beautiful though,  and the selling point for the event is that you can redeem your gacha prizes for points which enable you to obtain exclusive items. I love the concept and the location and it’s definitely worth a visit. Click HERE to take a peek! Last but not least my lovely, simple ‘boho’ top is from AMERICAN BEAUTY at the latest round of SHINY SHABBY.  Don’t get me wrong this is a perfectly adequate top; with good texture and styling but I do think at L$200 it’s a bit on the steep side price-wise!)

Kitty Wears: 

Skin: ZOUL CREATIONS: Gina  (Eyeshadow- Date Night 03)

Eyes: BUZZ Cora Kitty Eyes – Chocolate {Medium} THE EPIPHANY

Lashes: HUSH – Lashes – Flirt

Lips: PXL SweetLips v1.4

Ears: AITUI – Ear: Gen 4, Naked

Body: SLINK Physique Mesh Body (+ SLINK Casual Hands and Feet (Mid))

Tattoo: WHITE WIDOW ‘Insidious’ WIZARDING FAIR 2015


Necklace Picture 1: DAZED. – Pentacle Louise Choker IDK EVENT

Necklace Picture 2:  TABOU IRISISTIBLE ‘See My Neck’ IDK EVENT

Septum Piercings: From a selection available at MONS