Ebbe Linden

When Strawberry Singh released her new meme this week I knew that I would have to partake. But I’ve been so busy with real life that I figured I wouldn’t have time, so imagine my surprise when I logged in-world to find Ebbe Linden waiting for me! He was all snuggled up under my duvet with my hot water bottle wanting some Kitty cuddles. Apparently he’d heard that I’m incredibly good at the cuddling malarkey, I wonder who told him? Anyway I said Ok, just this once, as long as he didn’t make it a habit. I shuffled in beside him and propped myself up on some pillows…

Ebbe snuggled up beside me and asked me to tell him a story, so I decided to tell him what changes I’d like to see him bring to Second Life. This is what I suggested, in between offering sips of lovely warming hot chocolate and stroking his hair softly while he happily sucked his thumb.

1. Work on the Second Life pricing model from the ground up. It needs reconsideration, land prices are extortionate and so are tier fees. These need to be examined and reconsidered. It’s my firm belief that there could be so much more achieved in our virtual world if land were more reasonably priced.

2. Work on the Second Life image problem. Too many people think that Second Life ended years ago.  It’s utterly ridiculous! If I could count how many times I’ve heard the phrase “Second Life? Is that still going?” I’d be counting for a very long time. For me it’s always felt as though Linden Lab isn’t very supportive of the environment that it’s created, does anyone else get that vibe? It’s almost as though we’re begrudgingly tolerated sometimes, and that’s not a good feeling. People in charge should be PROUD of our virtual community. What we need is Linden Lab to be more vocal about Second Life and what it has achieved.  They need to be extolling the virtues of our community and work hard to really publicise the strengths of it in the media, rather than let them paint us all as sex-mad depraved perverts. (Well, some of us are of course, but not everyone!) We have such a rich, vibrant user-created world here to celebrate, not condemn.  Let’s see if Ebbe really will support the residents and gain back some of teh reputation that Second Life has sadly lost.

3. Make premium membership more inviting! To encourage sign-ups the Lab really do need to be more generous. A good start would be to increase weekly stipend payments from L$300 to  L$500, and increase the prim limit in Linden Homes to 500 prims. Admittedly the introduction of mesh has made them easier to furnish but 250 prims doesn’t really allow for the frills and frippery that we all like to adorn our virtual homes with. In fact, perhaps it’s time to remodel the homes? Why not install mesh housing for a start, and get some of the best content creators in-world on side to help re-invigorate the living areas and give them all a fresh, new look. Linden Homes has always felt like a missed opportunity.  It’s almost there, but not quite.  It could be so much more, so could Ebbe be the CEO to sort it out?  I hope so, I really do!

And with that, I covered Ebbe up and let him drift off to sleep as I sang the haunting lullaby, ‘Soft Kitty’, gently into his ears….ahem.

(PS I refuse to think I was the only person on the grid to think of THIS when I saw the words ‘Flat Ebbe’ on Berrycake’s blog!?!)

(PPSS Am I the only one who think Ebbe’s avatar looks like Todd from ‘Breaking Bad’?)


The TORONTO sets have been, I’m sure, a roaring success for Ria Bazar. Every single one has been an astonishing release, and none more so than the TORONTO BATHROOM and LIVING ROOM, at THE HOME SHOW 2014. Of course there’s a house to match the sets so you can have a fabulous, complete look from top to bottom, but I’ve found that these pieces work extremely well in a skybox setting, and because they’re mesh and prim-light they’re a perfect choice for a Linden Home with their ridiculous 250 prim limit. (Would it hurt to make it 500 Linden Lab, WOULD IT?)

ImageSo what can I tell you about them? I always wax-lyrical about Ria’s work upon these pages, and I ain’t about to change, especially when you consider how awesome these latest releases are. The living room is fresh and funky and works beautifully in both male and female abodes.  When I visited THE HOME SHOW the sets were proving exceptionally popular. (There was constantly a crowd checking the displays out which was great to see, but a bugger for taking photos! However in the end I got a few snaps to share, and then I want to show you what I’ve done with them in my skybox)

The strength of the whole TORONTO collection has always been the industrial chic elements combined with classic lines and modern yet tasteful accessories. This is amplified in the living room, with a statement sofa (colour-change, natch) that can be used with or without a decorative throw, and two metal chairs. One of them is available with a cushion which you’d need, as I imagine that it would be a bit uncomfortable upon the old derrière if you didn’t use one! There’s a very stylish leather pouffe to compliment, along with an epic combination of a standard lamp that is reminiscent in styling of a builders hand-held lamp, and a very striking main fitting that looks a bit like a spider! These elements are tied together by some beautifully decorated bookcases, a plant, a globe and some great photo frames ready to fill with your fave snaps. As always the accessories are just as fabulous as the main pieces and I really rate the wire candle-sticks and world-map that bring the suite together. It’s perfect to use on its own, or to add to, which is what I’ve done in my skybox below…

ImageThe TORONTO BATHROOM carries the factory vibe even further and a word to all Steampunk aficionados, you will need this in your life. The metal finish adorning all the key pieces can be colour changed to suit your needs, and the lighting echoes that in the living room; functional yet completely on-trend. The emphasis on metal textures and pipe-work, along with the wire accessory baskets, traditional stamped signs and brilliantly executed accessories make this an absolute winner, and that’s before you even consider the animations and rezzable props that can be applied.

ImageIt never ceases to amaze me how many extras that Ria fits into her furniture sets at no extra cost. They are always incredibly useful for scene-setting and you can make some gorgeous photographs with them, or use them to just enjoy spending time with your loved one. The TORONTO BATHROOM has to be my absolute favourite yet; it’s just so imaginative and will work in so many modern spaces, lofts and skyboxes. It’s absolutely made of win. And of course you can style these items in a myriad of ways, and you’re guaranteed a satisfying result. This is how I’ve done my bathroom, isn’t it glorious?


The reason I feature BAZAR so frequently on these pages is because Ria excites me so much as a designer. The work she produces consistently offers fabulous quality and value for money.  From the classical stylings of the FLORIA range to her fantastic residences, Ria has provided something for everyone in her collection, and I’ll awlways be proud to feature her on my pages.

 You can visit her in-world store by clicking HERE, her marketplace HERE or check out these two TORONTO releases at THE HOME SHOW 2014. Here’s looking forward to her next release, I wonder what it will be?


old fashioned Jez

It’s hard to believe that THE MENS DEPT  is celebrating its second birthday in-world, and of course it’s doing so in style. This monthly event has firmly established itself into the SL calendar and is always choc-full of inspirational menswear and furnishings and really is a favourite of mine. This is because it’s a one-stop shop for making your fella look fabulous. It’s made of win, it really is! 

Let’s be honest, there are so many regular events held in-world now that it’s easy to feel overwhelmed, but TMD is one that I rarely miss for a number of reasons. For a start I can be sure of finding super-stylish clothes for Jez to wear (because when it comes to his making choices he’s nothing short of useless) and for another thing it is a fantastic place to spot some of the most stylish, fashion-forward avatars on the grid. If you’re ever stuck for male fashion ideas, TP over to THE MENS DEPT and loiter with intent. It won’t take long before you spy some seriously tottylicious avatars, and if you’re cheeky (like me!) you can ask them where they found the items that they’re wearing. (Pro-tip: If you’re single this is a good way to start a conversation too! Shhh!!)

I’m especially impressed by the quality of items for this birthday celebration. Particular favourites for me are the THEOSOPHY ‘Monmouth’ spectacles and the CASA DEL SHAI dirty plaid and chambray shirts. The EUDORA footwear is gob-smackingly good, and the PUMPKIN Parka is perfectly styled and fits like a dream. There is so much to fall in love with here, there really is, and you would be a bit of a fart to miss this collection.  In fact, I’ve actually been waiting for this month’s TMD with baited breath,  because an old friend has come back to second Life after a considerable absence, and he’s been badgering me about the best places to find cool threads. My short answer to him was, of course, GO TO THE MENS DEPT! 

Anyway, back to Jez. So what did we end up with after our shopping spree? Well it was time for a change of hairstyle for my beloved, and INK hair is always a good place to start. They’re selling two styles at TMD this month, but it was the romantic ‘Foglia’ style that won me over when he tried the demo. Sometimes when you try hair on it just works, you know? Well this beautiful style is a perfect example of that occurrence. He looks dazzling in it doesn’t he? Teamed with this fabulous APHORISM shirt/waistcoat set he looked like an old-fashioned romantic,  ready to sweep me off my feet and read poetry to me. If only eh?

tmd 2.1As usual APHORISM uber-designer Rucy Byron has created an excellent product for the event, and this combination mesh waistcoat and undershirt is a must buy for role-players as well as the stylish hipster crowd.  The waistcoat is available in Herringbone, Houndstooth and Pinstripe patterns and is very dapper indeed. (Jez paired it with his favourite jeans, also from APHORISM. I don’t think he’s taken them off for the past few months to be honest, stinky Jez!) I also insisted that Jez treat himself to the fantastic ETHAM ‘Alexandro’ mesh combo blazer/shirt and the incredibly cool ‘Kotowari’ necklace from MANDALA. When worn with the blazer and shirt it makes a great alternative to a tie, and looks incredibly on-trend.


Had I the cash I would have purchased everything from the event, but alas I don’t. However what I did invest in has made me incredibly proud,  because not only does Jez look scrumptious, he has some classy threads in his inventory that I know he’ll get loads of wear from, and such things make this Kitty very happy indeed! Oh, and a quick shout out to POSEOLOGY. They have a fab wee set of poses available at TMD this month, and they worked really well when posing Jez for this piece. Now please excuse me, I have to go ravish my boyfriend.

While I do that, why not go visit THE MENS DEPT? Here’s your taxi! 



More Skin Fair goodness to share with you. Addy Silvercloud was again another creator that  I wasn’t familiar with before the event, but her brand  ‘The Addy Style’, will be one that I will follow with interest going forward because I’m incredibly impressed by this skin, called Emanuelle. Despite the name there’s nothing 1970′s or even remotely sleazy about it (unless you decide to style it that way!)

Instead, you’ll discover a very accomplished, polished skin that hints at youth and vibrancy and features great colour, both in the tone of the skin and the make-ups in the range.  If there was a word I would use to sum up this skin, it would be adaptable, in the very best Catwoman-sense of the word, because it lends itself to both classy, polished looks and the more relaxed style I’ve used for the pictures with utmost ease.


I particularly love the bold, glossy lips on this one. The face is extremely lovely, as you can see from these shots, and finished really well. The features upon ‘Emanuelle’ are neatly highlighted , and the colour upon the eyelid, especially in this particular version (make-up #2) really do their job well, adding style and definition.  This is a skin that oozes panache; it’s easy to dress up or down, and I chose to team it with some new releases from FAMESHED (R.O. Cat A Clysm headphones and Tableau Vivant ‘Valentin’ hair) to create a spunky, modern look. I’m going to comment on the brows again, which seems to have become a recurring theme for me, but these are really well drawn and look very natural. They fitted my facial features beautifully, but as I said before  it’s the lips that really are the icing on the cake for me. They’re a sensation to be sure, the epitome of Clara Bow. I just love them.
If you like to get naked then let me tell you that you won’t be disappointed by Emanuelle (to be fair you wouldn’t expect to be in a skin with that name now would you?) She looks good in the buff, but then again, so do the other skins from THE ADDY STYLE that I tested.

addy style_005

The gorgeous bronze-toned beauty you see before you, retiring to her bed, is ‘Kaleya’. This was another  exclusive  at SKIN FAIR 2014 and  it features all the quality touches that you’ll find on Emanuelle. Again, she has fabulous lips, but the eye make-ups are also a real treat across the range, although I’m actually sporting the ‘Natural’ option in the un-touched picture above. I just think the hue of her skin is sublime, don’t you?

If you want to check out more of Addy’s quality skins be sure to check out her marketplace store, and also click HERE to visit her store and discover these two delectable skins in-world, you’ll be absolutely enchanted by them, I promise! 



 I’m still blogging skins from SKIN FAIR 2014 even after the event (I’m not the only one though, eh Willis?) My blogging schedule is very much built around RL commitments (RL ALWAYS comes first) and this week has been an interesting one, to say the least. Anyway, the skins I’m yet to blog are still available, but instead of being at the fair they’ll be available at main stores and are of course all worth checking out!

BOOBIELICIOUS is not a skin-label familiar to me at all. The name makes me think of Lolas Tangos  and even though I have some that I wear on occasion I’m not a fully signed up member of all things boobie-lover in world, but I do think they can look ruddy awesome, so I admit I was a little apprehensive opening the skin package that Quakestore kindly sent me, but I really shouldn’t have been because this is a fantastic skin production.

In fact, this is an exceptionally lovely skin all round. It’s called ‘RYKA’, and  I’m wearing it in the Maple tone, and I have to say it’s probably my overall favourite skin tone from the entire fair. It is a glorious colour; not quite a deep caramel and not too pale, but a lovely blended shade that looks healthy and really delicious! I feel like shouting “LICK ME! although I’d better not because I might get thrown out of rather a lot of places..ahem.

I’ve no complaints about this skin at all. It’s an absolute joy to wear, and the creator, Quakestore, has catered to every whim by providing  an absolute plethora of options. You can of course find every applier under the sun for this one too: bum, boobs, belly and hands and feet, and the make-ups are extremely neat; with definition where it counts. There are a number of eyeshadow options that are well worth checking out.  When wearing this skin I found the brows to be a bit straighter than my normal choice, but there’s real strength to them. They wear really well, and the blush is a wash of colour across the cheek giving a sporty, flushed feel rather than a high-end fashionista stripe across the bone, and it works beautifully.

There’s a lovely eyeliner option but I actually found that I really enjoyed wearing this one in it’s purest form, with a slick of lipstick. I do like the lip colours available for this one too, including a great black for grunging it up! The lips are a lovely shape and well-coloured and I even found myself sporting the teeth layer to great effect.  I’ve styled myself as a blonde for this one, and you know I really do think there’s a hint of the Kate Upton‘s here, can you see it?


Incidentally the images haven’t been enhanced in anyway so you can see just how glorious this skin truly is. This Maple shade really does have ‘it’ doesn’t it? Gorgeous!

 If you’re tempted, and trust me on this, you really should be, then CLICK HERE to visit the Boobielicious Mainstore. (I did a quick visit and noted that the skin wasn’t in store yet, but you can fest your eyes on the other lovely skins and clothes while you wait)

Skin by Boobielicious:  Ryka Skin_Pushup_Maple_Pure  /Lipstick: Ryka Lipstick in Red (also wearing teeth layer)

SKIN FAIR 2014 – Kitty The Seductress


I think I’ve mentioned before on these pages how much I love a well done make-up. Skins can be incredibly expensive, but make-ups are a great alternative to forking out squillions of Lindens on a complete skin package. Done badly they can look utterly terrible; I’ve seen some with dreadful seams and outlines that wouldn’t have fit an octopus, let alone a Second Life avatar. But done well, they really can take your look to the next level.

This year Skin Fair allowed some make-up creators to exhibit and one that has really excited me is Madrid Solo. I knew as soon as I saw her stand that I would have a very good time there, and I was right. Her ‘Seductress’ range of lip and eye-colours has been an absolute find for me this year. Guys they are exemplary. Beautiful colours of shadow and lips to mix and match, and each one has been created to a very high-standard for a virtual cosmetic. Occasionally you can find that  tattoo-layer lipsticks don’t quite work on the lines of the skin.  Why would they? Skins are an individual product after all, and a cosmetic addition can sometimes be a gamble, but I’m delighted to say that I’ve worn, and enjoyed wearing, Madrid’s range of cosmetics with a number of skins from the line-up this year and they’re worked effortlessly.

In the shot above I’m wearing ‘Nar Mattary-Freya’ with shadow and lipstick from Madrid Solo’s ‘Seductress range. Doesn’t it look fab? Of course you need a solid base to work on, and ‘Freya’ is a sensational skin without enhancement, but it really does go all the way up to eleven when these colours are added, don’t you think?


Here I am wearing more colours on a different skin, the exquisite ‘Taylor’ in  Deep Tan from ELYSIUM.    This is a deeper tone than I would normally wear, but it is luscious and beautifully done. It comes replete with a bouquet of options to select from, including freckle options and brow colours, but I’ve opted for the lovely black brow here. By now you guys must have realised I have a brow fetish (well, as far as SL skins go!) but this one is a little different in that it doesn’t have the arching definition that some of the skins I’ve reviewed previously do. But that’s not a weakness, there’s something more real about the shape of these brows,  and when you zoom in you can see that they were created with great care. They look lovely.

 In fact the face on this skin, whichever tone you opt for, is beautiful. The shape of the nose is lovely, as is the shading on the philtrum, clavicle and across the body.  The colour is constant and works extremely well, and the contour-blush adds great definition to the face. You can find some excellent bespoke lip-colours in this range too (but for this snap I am of course wearing items from Madrid Solo’s ‘Seductress’ series).

But don’t just take my word for it. Go to SKIN FAIR 2 and find Madrid Solo’s store, go in and prepare to be transported to pretty pretty make-up heaven.  The ‘Seductress’ range is L$50 per colour, L$850 for the fat pack and you’ll receive 15 eye-make ups and 4 lip colours. But that’s not all, there’s also a free gift in store, and while you’re there be sure to check out the ‘Melancholy’ eyes and also the absolutely fabulous ‘the Nudes’, which is a range of ten perfect lip-colours in TWO sizes.  I have a feeling you’ll be seeing a lot of Madrid’s work on these pages in the near future, it’s utterly fantastic and I now consider myself a fan!

SKIN FAIR 2014 – Marvellous in Meenakshi by Jalwa


I got to wear my first ever Jalwa skin last year, ‘Coven’, and it’s been a firm favourite of mine ever since. Chandra Masala makes blinking fabulous skins, and her Skin Fair submissions this year are nothing short of fantastic. When I saw the line up I KNEW I had to get my sticky-kitty mitts on ‘Meenakshi’ in the Cardamon shade, and that is precisely what I did.

For a start I love the colour of this skin. It has a really earthy, warm tone making it ideal for all kinds of wear. I imagine it would fare well in role-play for some reason, it just has that exotic, spirited air about it. In fact I got a real vintage vibe from it when I was playing around with different looks. I don’t know why that is actually; perhaps it’s just me but whatever spurred that feeling on I used it to great effect when styling this look. But I digress, let me tell you about this skin.

‘Meenakshi’ has a stunning face. She’s incredibly beautiful, with striking eyebrows that are skilfully sculpted, almost as though they are hewn from stone. But even though these brows are high drama, they don’t detract from the look.  Instead they balance out the visage perfectly, complimenting the strong cheek shading and balancing out the perfectly rendered lips. When you try this skin on it’s worth increasing your lip size, even if it’s just a bit, just to get the full benefit of the scrumptious lips that Chandra has blessed ‘Meenakshi’ with. They really are a virtual sensation.

Onto the body and it’s just as elegant as the face, with details accentuated well and the suggestion of a blemish or two.  I really like the cleavage on this skin, and the fact that there is a mole on the breast to draw your attention to it. This is a skin that looks great naked by the way, intimate details are extremely well done with a neat ‘private area’, ahem. One thing I especially like about this skin is the generous use of highlight on areas like the thighs. This is the kind of skin that looks excellent when worn in beach-wear for example, and I think if you’re a virtual beach-bunny then you’ll find this a very rewarding wear. Set your windlight settings to sunset and  bask in Meenakshi’s warm, spicy glow. Utterly delicious.

So onto my snaps, which are a little bit 1970′s, hence my referring to them as vintage. I styled this skin in the fanatastic ISON suit that is available at this month’s Collabor88, and coupled with this fabulous ‘Harriet’ bob from Truth and rather ostentatious bow necklace from LARK came up with this rather funky look.  It’s further enhanced by some make-ups that I picked up at Skin Fair 2014 (and will be further writing about) from MADRID SOLO, my new make-up label of choice. I’m wearing an eyeshadow and lip-colour from the ‘Seductress’ range, along with my favourite MONS eyeliner.

Incidentally, Meenakshi comes replete with her own line of eyeshadow and lip options too.  They’re absolutely scrummy, and are featured to great effect on Sydd Sinister’s fantastic blog (Sydd is a ruddy fantastic blogger and if you’re new to her work check it out, she’s one of the most accomplished bloggers on the grid in my humble opinion. I’ve long been a fan:)

But as I’ve said before, it doesn’t matter what you wear on top, it’s the base that counts.

And in Meenakshi I’ve discovered an absolute winner.  A skin that’s versatile and ready to be styled in whatever way I fancy, and every time I wear it I KNOW I’ll look good.


Can’t ask for more than that really can you?


Splish Splash Kitty’s Taking a bath!

Floria vintage(Click on each shot for a bigger and better look!)

As all of my regular readers know I’m a huge fan of Ria Bazar-Mavendorf’s work. I’ve been blogging Ria’s items now for well over a year, and each release is consistently awesome, with fabulous builds, textures and innovative features carefully blended to create some of the best furniture in the virtual world.  The ‘Floria’ series has been a particular delight, combining elegant textures and fabrics together in a classical style with a gentle, modern twist, and the latest addition to the collection is no exception. The Floria Bathroom is one of the most extravagant bathrooms experiences you can have in Second Life and comes complete with mesh components full of options that will help you to engineer the perfect bathroom for your virtual home. Like all of the Floria range the bathroom is texture change so the units can be altered to whatever finish you see fit with the same wood characteristics and colours that were previously used in the range.

This makes it an especially nice choice for en-suite bathrooms, particularly if you already have the Floria Bedroom.

Floria Bathroom 1(Just a couple  of the colour options you can choose from..)

The quality is of course paramount, and the selection of accessories chosen for the set is rather brilliant too. There are matching sink units, with a mirror and accessories for him and her. There’s a decorative shelving unit which is ideal to place above the pedestal, especially because it features an air-freshener! There’s even a loo-brush and a toilet paper holder too. All the fixtures are further enhanced by a golden gleam courtesy of the metal colour deployed across the range which is applied to pipework, door-knobs and other fittings.  The star of the show has to be the tub. It’s a huge, claw-footed tub ideal for two to relax in and is brimming with options. For a start, you can choose soapy water, romantic rose-petals or even a fabulous bubble-bath to luxuriate in. Not only that but you can rez a bath rack that has everything you need for your perfect bath-time experience. Choose from a book, carefully propped so that you won’t get the pages damp, a bottle of wine or a shaving mirror with bath-time creams and unguents to enjoy. There’s a menu teeming with animations for single males or females, and there are couple poses too, which I really enjoyed. These are perfect for romantic moments with your significant other, and all the poses can be easily adjusted. I really like the option to rez candles around the tub; add the rose petal option and you’re all set to take advantage of the Adult only options that are available..

Floria bathroom 2

It’s not just the tub that is full of animations either; the sink units have options such as brushing and drying your hair or having a shave, each one rezzing the right appliance for the job. And if you need to use the loo, you can do so in comfort whilst reading a magazine. A novel and very amusing touch indeed! To finish the set there’s a side table brimming with towels and bath treats as well as a beautiful candelabra with four flickering candles to add a touch of opulence to proceedings. There’s even a lovely screen to help protect your modesty too.

Bathtime fun

The Floria Bathroom is a wonderful addition to all of the ‘Floria’ range from Bazar, but will work in any virtual abode or skybox where luxury and low-prim count are key.

 And don’t forget, there are no tide-marks or mess to clean up after all the fun, and you’ll have LOTS of soapy fun with this, I promise…*ahem*

Kitty & JezCLICK HERE to visit BAZAR in-world. 



‘Nar Mattaru’ apparently is a Sumerian term, and means a chasm or an abyss.

I don’t know how that relates to skins, other than it sounds a bit bonkers in a cool way. And that’s fine, because NAR MATTARU skins aren’t bonkers, but they are incredibly cool. They’re the creation of Jade Glazner, and they’re completely new to me, but I think I’ve become a total convert after my SKIN FAIR 2014 experience.

This post is about the NAR MATTARU special exclusive SKIN FAIR release called ‘Freya’. Now Freya is one of my favourite Norse Goddesses, and here’s a random Kitty-fact, had I ever had a daughter in RL I would have called her Freya. So with a name that has a meaning for me it would have been completely daft had I not checked the skin out. And I am so ruddy glad that I did, because it’s rather special indeed. It’s the kind of skin that will make hordes of screaming Valkyries wrestle you to the floor just so that they can have a lick. Oh OK then, I jest, but in all seriousness she’s a bit of a stunner.

Freya is available in a multitude of delicious tones at the event, but I opted for the lovely Caramel shade and set to work studying and styling this skin. What FUN!

What I particularly like about ‘Freya’ is the mouth. Oh reader, it is divine. It’s very realistic looking, and when I put this skin on I was immediately taken by how voluptuous it made my lips look, and I haven’t changed the shape of them at all.
On the cheek is delicate blush that leans towards being subtle rather than over-defined, and the eyebrows are nothing short of sensational; beautifully drawn, but restrained and finished to a very high standard. For my close-up I opted to wear the black brow, and it works extremely well when balanced out with mesh lashes, as you can see from my picture above.
The body of this skin has been just as carefully prepared as the face, and I could spot no issues with shading or colourisation on the skin. The tone is constant, and there are a smattering of carefully added blemishes to add realism. Definition is suggested with a gentle highlight on areas of the body that require it. Details like elbows and knees, feet, ankles and that little dip where the clavicles meet are no problem here; attention has clearly been paid where it matters. It also has an interestingly-styled ‘lady-garden’ area. I’m not the kind of avatar who indulges in festive frolics so to be perfectly honest I don’t really pay much attention to private areas beyond checking that they look fine in comparison to the rest of the skin. It does the job for sure, as do the nipples and breasts, which again are very nicely done. I’ve no complaints.

If I was to sum up how wearing Freya made me feel I would say that the overall feeling I got from this skin was one of youth and vibrance.  It’s a zesty little number, make no doubt about it, and when the make-ups are added she really comes alive, but to be honest this is a skin that you can wear bare and get tons of value from. I really love it. 

New Assistant
In fact, we have a radio show around these ‘ere parts, where on a Saturday afternoon local football fans call up to ‘praise or grumble’ the performance of their team. If Freya was a football team I’d say she was more than worthy of some serious, lavish praise. But she’s not, she’s a Goddess, and this skin more than lives up to the lofty standards that only the heavenly can aspire to. I insist that you check her out!

Click HERE to visit NAR MATTARU at SKIN FAIR 2

SKIN FAIR 2014 – ‘Cara’ by Zoul Creations


(Click on the raw shot above for a larger version of the image, so worth it!)

In my previous Skin Fair post I was talking about the importance of brows, and how they were going to be a really big thing at Skin Fair 2014. That was an understatement and a half, a rarity for me I know! But EVERY single brow-style that you can think of has been catered to at this years event, including those fabulous furry facial caterpillars that belong to Cara Delevingne.   And speaking of Cara, this is a skin named after her from Zoul Creations and she is a bit of a stunner. 

Now of course think of Ms. Delevingne and you’re immediately going to think of her eyebrows.   Although Cara’s brows are heavy they’re fortunately not very Denis Healey; being more refined and polished. The fact is, if those brows were fitted to any other shaped face than Cara’s they’d look a LOT different, and definitely not as cool.
The CARA skin follows a similar principle; your shape is your canvas after all and you may find that you have to tweak it a little to get the full benefit from this skin. But tweak you must, because make no mistake, this skin from ZOUL: CREATIONS is a bit of a corker, and I predict it will be a huge success at Skin Fair.

So apart from the brows, what do I like? Well the tones of this skin are all really lovely, and I have had no issues at all with seams or jaggedy edges where the finishing hasn’t been quite up to par. My favourite tone is Tone 4, and it’s a really delicious caramel shade that can be perfectly complimented with any of the make-ups that the creator, Sharia Soulstar, has made. The lip colours offer a real opportunity to individualise your skin, and all the main shades are accommodated well here. I always tend to go for darker berry or red shades, but I surprised myself by really enjoying the paler choices that are available too. The cheeks are beautifully shaded providing great depth and finish to the face, and the skin looks great when worn nude.

cara naked_001
Details such as shoulders, the nape of the neck and base of the spine are well-defined and features such as the belly-button and, ahem, lady-garden are more than adequate. The breasts look just right; no comically over-sized areolas on display here. The lines are clean, crisp and finished well. The eyeshadow options offer further opportunities to play about with your look and each choice is great value. I always like striking, well defined eyes and ‘Cara’ does not disappoint in that regard. Even though this is a brow-heavy skin the make-ups balance the face out perfectly; had this been designed by someone less experienced I wonder if it would have been as successful as it is.

cara naked_002I really enjoyed experimenting with this skin. That’s one of my Second Life joys, one minute you can be pale as snow, the next dark as night, yet look utterly fabulous constantly. I actually didn’t need to do anything to my shape to make it look good, and to be frank I couldn’t have made it look any better on me had I tried. It’s an absolute must have if you ask me, and I will be wearing this a LOT.  So, Kitty tip; do NOT be put off by the brow. It’s not something I’d normally try and yet I’m wearing it, and looking bloody fabulous too! Go to Skin Fair, give it a go. Trust me, Cara is totally worth it!

Congratulations to Shantia Soulstar for this fabulous creation; you’ll find Cara on sale at Skin Fair 1.