Kitty Loves A Trumpy Lol! (The Ashdon Collection From Trompe Loeil)

Like the leaves falling from the trees and blowing in the wind, autumn brings in the changes.

For me they’ve included losing a dear Second Life friend, moving my virtual home and deciding to completely change the styling of my living room.  Obviously some of these actions were less stressful than others!


Autumn has always been my season, so when I visited FAMESHED and spied the outstanding Trompe Loeil (or Trumpy Lol as I call it, surely I’m not the only one?) Ashdon Collection of sofa, chairs and decorations I KNEW  what I wanted to update the appearance of my living room with.

This exemplary collection includes sofa, chair, coffee table, screen, basket of cushions, pictures and wall-lights and it is bursting at the materials-enabled seams with fantastic styling options.  The sofa and chair include three models each: plain, with a pillow, and with a draped blanket and the textures are simply divine, with 18 fabric, 18 blanket and 25 pillow textures for you to play with. (This of course means you can extend the life of your furniture into all the seasons, because there are plenty of  colour-combos to suit. )  It’s available in PG and Adult versions with  lots of animations for both singles and couples to enjoy.  All of the items co-ordinate perfectly to make furnishing your living-room a virtual doddle.

The sofa and chair are generously proportioned yet simply shaped to look comfortable and inviting. How I want to lay on this sofa and snuggle under the blanket with its chunky knit’s so inviting!   The coffee table, wall-prints featuring various foliage and antler lamps are all carefully fashioned with simple yet totally effective embellishments meaning that you can create a cozy yet on-trend look in your living room.  For example, classic prints can seem drab and dreary, yet when they’re teamed with bright, bold frame colours they’re brought bang into the 21st century.  I purchased everything except the antlers (unlike most people in Second Life, I don’t do antlers!) and I could not be happier with how beautiful everything looks. 

I  teamed my Ashdon Collection items with the Apple Fall cabinets from The Arcade, some rugs from Zigana, and some other accessories I found in my ever-increasing inventory. Everything works perfectly together and creates a cozy, warm vibe perfect for chillaxing at home.  If you want further information, including pricing, check out Cory’s blog for more details.

ImageI really cannot rate this collection any higher, it’s just perfect and looks fabulous in my virtual home.

In fact,  I think you should zoom over to FAMESHED right now to check it out! HERE’S YOUR TAXI! 

LOTD – Lazy Kitty Cafe Culture

LOTD – Lazy Kitty Cafe Culture

scribbled hearts_002

FAMESHED has started, and as usual it’s an absolute bugger to get in. However I *did* manage a nosey around earlier and as usual there are some cracking items on display, including hair, clothing, furniture and all of it is guaranteed to enhance your allure and make you even more windswept and interesting than ever, if such a thing is possible.

I only bought ONE item though, and that is this hair from EEP. I really, really love Eep hair. Ever since the brand launched it’s been a firm favourite of mine, and it seems to thrive on producing simple styles in great colours with no frills, fuss or palaver. Unbox it, stick it on your head and job done, you can’t ask for much else really can you?

I also found a really nice lace vest today at a store called CHEMISTRY that I have never frequented before, but I will be visiting again!  This mesh vest comes in a two pack featuring a black and white lace design, and it really fits in with my look at the moment, which is basically throw everything on that is in my inventory and see what sticks.

I am STILL wearing these frayed denim shorts that cost me just ONE LINDEN from the market place, but I care not a jot because they work amazingly well with my KHUSH tights (mo longer available alas)  They also reallu look good with my Kitten-face Mary Janes from FRI.DAY for LOVE DONNA FLORA. These are actually an in-world replica of a pair of shoes that I have been after in RL for ages. As usual, Second Life means I get them a lot cheaper, and quicker, than my reality.

Last but not least there are two more items in my look from LOVE DONNA FLORA. First up is my flair manicure, which I’m wearing in a very bright pink which is very unusual for me but it looks really funky against my collection of friendship bracelets.  I’m also sporting a necklace by CAE that you can only find at the LOVE DONNA FLORA  event. I’m really enamoured by CAE at the moment, the Catnip necklace that they created for Harlow Heslop’s ‘Avatars For Animals’ event  became an instant favourite of mine, and this elegant daisy design is just as delightful and perfect for jazzing up either a formal or casual outfit.

Finally, I was in dire need of a coffee and a sit down so found myself at the café at Scribbled Hearts, which is a very pretty little sim offering some cracking photo opportunities and a lot of places to chill out and relax. (Plenty of places to enjoy by yourself or as a couple, i found a fab hammock that was just begging me to lay and stargaze on it..)

Kitty Wears:

PLENTY of magic to be found at Magika and Kiki Designs

PLENTY of magic to be found at Magika and Kiki Designs


I love MAGIKA. I love the bobs that Sabina Gully crafts, and I often wear her variations on that theme in world.  I don’t tend to wear my hair long for some reason (Perhaps because I have long locks in real life) but in Second Life whenever a new bob hits the stores I’m there.

And I’m always happy when Sabina launches a new style upon the grid. This week she has released two; ‘Moment’, a side-swept chunky plait, and ‘Plenty’, which I am wearing in the picture above. It’s just totally adorable, and superb value. Sabina has created new hair textures, in fact, she’s been hard at work creating 90 new colours! They’re all as delicious as her previous tones and you can choose from three packs of 30 colours in either natural, unnatural or multi-coloured options. Nice and straightforward huh? Colours are selectable via a HUD, and you can resize your style easily using that interface too. All that, and packs are still a mere L$250 each. What’s not to love?

So what about the style? Well it’s a lovely shape; a bob with a flourish.  A sweep of hair delicately hangs over the eye and jauntily curves up adding definition and a quirky touch. I opted to buy the multi-coloured tones and I’m mighty glad that I did.  The colour develops beautifully through the hairstyle and looks really effective.

I’m delighted with it, and cannot wait to see what else Sabina has in store for us; I’m sure there are plenty of new releases headed our way! (OK, I’ll stop with the bad puns!) 

Also in the post above I’m wearing a few items that I’ve picked up on my travels recently. First up is part of a necklace set called ‘Sparkly Rocker’ from MAXI GOSSAMER that I discovered at FAMESHED, which is always worth a look.  Isn’t it scrumptious? I’m seriously in love with Maxi’s work at the moment. (Peruse her blog and you’ll see why, her range of jewellery is just outstanding.) ‘Sparkly Rocker’ incorporates a resize script, and comes with LOTS of options for wearing pieces both individually and as part of the set, and also the stones can be changed to different colours.  I’ll happily be getting LOTS of wear out of this!

The full collection can be seen in the picture below; warning, nipple alert!


Finally my outfit was sourced at the Whore Couture Fair. I keep a notebook on my desk and I have to say I’ve found some sensational designers at the event that have really piqued my interest with their creativity. They’ve all been jotted down, and one of the entries is for KIKI DESIGNS who have created a fabulous mesh tie-front top and classic style mini-skirt.

What I love about these items are the shape, they fit perfectly, and also their simplicity meaning that they can be used to great effect in different outfits. The mesh top looks just as good with jeans or casual trousers as it does with the skirt, and the skirt can be dressed up with a formal top or something a bit more glam for a night on the Second Life tiles. I love great  separates like this,and I also like the fact that the black skirt has a leopard print which makes me a very happy Kitty indeed. I’ll definitely be visiting KIKI DESIGNS again in the very near future.Image

Kitty’s appetite is mildly suppressed at faMESHed

Kitty’s appetite is mildly suppressed at faMESHed

So, I pootled on over to FaMESHed, thinking I’d not get in, and yet..I did. There was only about three other avis there at the time I visited, so it wasn’t packed like I had anticipated..But do NOT be put off by that statement, the items that are here are indeed as good a quality as you would expect from such well-known creators. There are representations here from The Loft, Cracked Mirror, House Of London, Hoorenbeek (not out when I visited), E!, Geometry, Nya, Starstruck, Exile, Valentina E., GOS, Aura, Handverk Kaun, Alice Project and Maxi Gossamer.  Predominately female fashion then, a few furnishing items, a quartet of hairstyles and a few items for the boys.

There’s a ‘Look Of The Month’ collaboration betwixt Mon Tissu and Celoe, which is lovely BUT I tend to steer away from them because you can occasionally see doppelgängers in the same outfit and quite frankly that just won’t do 😉 Still the trousers (ok, slacks) are rather festive in their tangerine hue and the look has been styled with creativity and flair. Kitty like.

However, for me what really stood out was this uber fancy Godiva-esque mesh hair style from Wasabi Pills. It’s called ‘Jacqueline’ and it just clicked with me in a way that long hair styles have been doing recently. I love the way it sits over the shoulders and the flicks that frame the face. Very girly, very natural..not groundbreaking by a long shot but special nonetheless. You get four colours in a pack for L$250, which for mesh hair is good, and it’s a sound investment because you can dress up and down this style with ease.

My other favourite item are the Cracked Mirror bootcut jeans. There are four denim colours to choose from (blue, faded blue, black or just faded) and they really look the part. L$295 isn’t bad a price either, and if you’re clever you’ll click the Subscribo that’s next to the jeans because if you do you receive a rather lovely tank top for your trouble!

So there you have it, faMESHed. A successful if somewhat unspectacular launch methinks (and I don’t mean that in a nasty way; it’s good, but not grid changing) featuring some nifty mesh items that are sure to appeal. A gentle start then, but  I look forward to much more to come in the months ahead.

Here’s your ride to FAMESHED.

Check out the blog by clicking HERE.