The Great Kitty Shape Debate..Part Two

…Or do you prefer a few more inches for your noms? This is Curvy Kitty and I think she looks faboosh. There’s definitely some hip action going on here..she has really defined calves too and I think she’s a fair bit shorter than ‘Original’ Kitty (That’s no bad thing, I think my regular shape would be about 6ft 7inches in real life!)So dear reader, the choice is yours. Which do you prefer?

I’m going to be running a vote for the next couple of days and whichever shape wins will be the shape I stick with, so this is a pretty important vote! I think both are nice, but I think it would be nice to have a touch more chub as there’s nothing for Jez to grab hold of in the previous picture. Of course, what does it matter-Second Life is a totally fake existence after all so why the fuss? <Snigger>

Feel free to drop a comment when you vote and I’ll announce the results in a few days time!

2 thoughts on “The Great Kitty Shape Debate..Part Two”

  1. Let’s put it this way… if I saw this woman at a bar, I’d… well, I don’t like to inflict my company on people who haven’t asked for it, but I’d consider for at least a moment offering her a drink.

    If I saw the other one, I’d offer her a cupcake and insist that she eat it.


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